Quick thinkers with big mouths!
  • Photo: Advice for the day…
  • Photo: London people…come on you know it’s true!
  • Photo: Raise a hand if you did this recently!
  • Photo: "like that Bron-Bron?"
  • We've downed tools and started watching #PageOne the documentary about the #NewYorkTimes… Fixating all over again!
  • Thanks for the follow! We're in London on Tuesday - coffee? #shynotsoshy
  • Had the pleasure hosting a summit w/2 of the most dynamic women in Europe today; Props to & for a great meeting!
  • Imagine this.... An in office SodaStream machine! #relationshipambitions
  • RT : The answer is normcore. What is the question?
  • .....but that's none of our business /moriarty



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