Quick thinkers with big mouths!
  • Ms. Kola, happy birthday from the BANDIT Crew, may you be popping endless champagne!
  • Truth /the fortress
  • #OH at the restaurant -Man, fuck Paul Scholes! -But... was he wrong though? -No, but i don't want to hear it from Paul Scholes.
  • This is beyond interesting! RT : How underpaid German workers helped cause Europe's debt crisis
  • #OH at the office: "I'm a nightmare, I am!"
  • Photo: BANDIT KNOWS/NOW GOOGLE OPENS YOUR EMAILS Yesterday Google updated their terms of service and there...
  • ....said Abraham Lincoln /the fortress
  • #BMWW /moriarty
  • Photo: BANDIT KNOWS/NEXT WHAT WOULD JOHNNY DO? With the quick hiring of Stephen Colbert to manage the house...
  • Trust! /the fortress



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