Apple knows how to sell

Apple knows how to sell


Last week was an interesting and important one in my life.

I finally received my Supreme x Nike SB Dunks and that’s in the same week as Apple launched their new very expected iPhone 5.
Even though the latest gadget from Apple has seemed to receive quite some criticism for the lack of new features, I can’t help it;

Apple has made me fall in love… again.

Now, I might not be the hardest person to convince when it comes to Apple products and I’m not shy to admit that I own most of their basic electronics such as a Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Apple Tv etc., but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a negative opinion about them.
I see through the bullsh*t they sometimes pull off, but in my opinion, the iPhone 5 does not go under that category.

Even though most of my friends (and the rest of the world) have been complaining that the iPhone 5

doesn’t have new “groundbreaking” features Apple has made some quite interesting improvements.

Let me sum up:

The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter and taller, it’s made out of better material, the display is bigger and better, the camera is better and comes with a new panorama function, the A6 processor is smaller, the battery lasts longer, it comes with the new iOS6, which has several new features such as a very nice map/GPS system and last but not least, the price is the same as the current iPhone 4s.

For some people this might sound overwhelming, for others impressive, and to some disappointing, but no matter what your opinion is about the new iPhone you can’t argue that Apple knows how to make their products look absolutely stunning and indispensable;

[youtube xNsGNlDb6xY nolink]

The way Apple portrays the iPhone 5 in this introduction video is brilliant. They have managed to make the phone look like a piece of art, and by selectively choosing what new features to focus on, they have made sure that the new iPhone comes across very impressive, and as always with Apple, everything is simple, clean and well-designed.

Whether this has convinced you or not, I’m definitely getting the new iPhone 5 in black on black.



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