Are APPs the new internet?

Are APPs the new internet?


It’s interesting to consider whether APP’s could be the new ‘internet’.

Especially seeing that this year “more Smartphones are forecast to be shipped globally than feature phones” as reported by IDC (see here).

To understand the meaning behind my statement that APPs could be the new ‘internet’ take the simple example of the process taken to check BBC News online.

Assuming you are already logged in, with a laptop/computer you have to:

  1. Open an internet browser
  2. Open a search engine
  3. Type in BBC News
  4. Then search for it
  5.  Then find it
  6. Then finally click on it.

In absolute terms this is neither an arduous nor time-consuming process.
However the time of this process is reduced when using APPs. Meaning that in relative terms the above process has become timely and arduous.

With an APP the phone is already on so therefore you:

  1. Unlock the phone
  2. Locate the APP
  3. Open it.

This process is infinitely quicker as there is no need for search engines or internet browsers.

Even more so with APPs you have downloaded the selection that best suits your needs and wants.
Therefore your need for internet browsers and search engines reduces more and more and you end up with having your own personalised ‘internet’ in the form of APPs.

Our young generation that already require instant gratification are getting it, and will want more.


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