BANDIT State of the Union; 2013

BANDIT State of the Union; 2013



Last year was a good one for BANDIT.

We completed our most important project, a business strategy for one of the world’s leading FMCG brands, and evolved our own business offer.

We gave ourselves the snappy description of ‘Cultural Anthropologists’, a moniker that encapsulates the scope of what we do.

BANDIT will always be an anomaly across disciplines,

part creative, strategy, insights and research.

But it works, and we’re in a happy place as an organisation.



Our passion is people, and understanding their lives.

We are living a dynamic time where recent political, economic, social policies have created the most aware and versatile audience in history.

Our core belief is that this is an age where there are more things that culturally link people that separate them.

BANDIT’s gospel is that all organisations must work harder to understand the lives of the people they want to sell to.

The typical agency approach of trying to sell a pretty idea to a client, or a brand’s belief that they can dictate to an audience, is worse than irrelevant – it is insane.

Unfortunately, many organisations realise this too late.

What we do is uncover business opportunities derived from the lives of the target audience.
What we do not do is follow a brief blindly, keep a client happy and cash a cheque.

The reward for organisations that invest and engage in this deeper exploration of the target audience’s life, is that they find new business opportunities, channels and perspectives for brand communications previously unthought of.

They meet their desired goals!


Going into 2013, we will continue to uncover, hypothesise and create brand communications that are authentic in the eyes of the target audience and business success in the eyes of our clients.

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