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Truth + Culture; Peter Boye


Every once in a while we stumble across a person we find sharing some of the same opinions and values as BANDIT.
Whether it’s an artist, a businessman or in this case a ”creative” is not really as relevant as the fact that the person speaks the truth and stays original under any circumstances in his/her line of work…

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Truth + Culture: Linkoban 2.0


Truth + Culture: Linkoban 2.0

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Clocking Off

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 15.52.09

Today is my last day working with the Bandit team. It has been a great experience – these guys really know what they’re doing and, as we discussed over burgers this lunch time, the past 3 or 4 months have been greatly beneficial to all parties. There’s exciting things on the way! So I’ll leave you with this thing of beauty I came across yesterday. It is an installation/wall clock at the Design Days Dubai / Victor Hunt Gallery, made out of hundreds of black and white, analogue clocks. Programmed with an iPad, the hands rotate to form sumptuous, animated …

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The power of EA's FIFA13 is real!


The opportunity for top football players to interact with fans has taken a new and interesting turn recently.

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Re-Introduction to Beatnik


Once again we’ve come across some interesting music from the UK. Last time it was the young Rainy Milo, but in this post we’ll introduce you to some more established artists out of Britain…

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Is Kidult taking it a step too far?


Kidult changed the graffiti game, but did he take it too far now?

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FIFA 13: Don’t make the same mistake twice


Last year when EA promoted FIFA12, they made one major mistake of advertising the game through two unauthentic celebrities using YMCMB rap stars Lil’ Wayne and Drake as a poor attempt to reach out to a young audience.

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3 Things I Read


Today I found these 3 projects, that caught my interest.

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BANDIT at Roskilde; Music Day 3


Reporter Emil and photographer Casper are currently representing the BANDIT team at one of the major European music events, the Roskilde Festival.

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A Musty Watch!

A documentary about manscaping?!?

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The 3 Best Tattoo Artists You Didn't Know

Everyone has tattoos these days and people don’t consider originality and quality but only the individuality they believe comes with the “custom” tattoo.

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