Could Miley Cyrus actually make it (again)?

Could Miley Cyrus actually make it (again)?


Child stars that flame out are nothing new to us in 2013.

The artificial game of thirst for celeb content and the need to push celeb content has been around for decades.
The one difference these days is the internet and social media.

As quickly as an image/story/fabricated piece of crap has been unleashed – there’s another one to follow it.

So the ‘Child Stars Turning Looney Tunes’ alums have been not been shy of late!
They include Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the grandaddy  CompTIA 220-802 of them all Michael Jackson.

But, there’s one who appears to have not only danced with celebrity downfall, but is primed to come out the other side smelling of roses –  Miley Cyrus!

If you had told me 5 years ago that I would have been writing this…I would have slapped you.
But there’s an  220-802undeniable truth to it.

Miley might be about to become a crossover star.

The ingredients?

  • She’s getting copious amounts of love from mainstream and credible people that include OddFuture, Pharell, Snoop Dogg, Will.I.Am and (forgive me) French Montana.
  • She’s doing activities which appear to be fulfilling her own enjoyment and not part of a masterplan.
    I mean who would advise a child star to do a twerk video, smoke weed and make questionable fashion choices?


[youtube _GTVb-w6aLI nolink]

With a healthy dose of IDGAF, she’s slowly but surely earned some credibility stripes.


Lest we forget, there is a race element – the innocent little white girl doing ghetto things now – but she’s not gone all Amanda Bynes on us just yet (if you don’t know – get to know about Bynes here).

The one determining factor will be the material she releases.
If she can pull that off successfully, she’ll be following the path Justin Timberlake has successfully foraged.


We see Justin on Fallon in 2013, and he’s the polished, relaxed, über crossover appeal artist.
Back in 2001, his move from boyband popster to urban superstar started with a strange falsetto MTV Awards performance of ‘Like I Love You’, produced by the hottest thing in urban music at the time – The Neptunes.

Not since ODB shocked us all by appearing in Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’ Bad Boy Remix video had pop managed to get street credibility.

So I can’t help but wonder where Mylie will be in 11 years time?
Rehab, or getting Grammy’s?

I am now an interested bystander!


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