Foot Locker: A Great Commercial

Foot Locker: A Great Commercial


Last week I had quite a rage over McDonald’s misunderstanding of youth culture through their

latest burger commercial for the McSwag.
Fortunately I’ve now come across a very simple and amusing commercial from Foot Locker, which really cracked me up…

The Foot Locker commercial features NBA player Kyrie Irving, and it’s not the first time he has been used in a humoristic way for a TVC.
If you’re not really a basketball fan (as myself) you might not recognize his name, but you might remember having seen him as the character Uncle Drew from some pretty recent and recognized Pepsi commercials,

which we also did a blog post about.


[youtube 8DnKOc6FISU nolink]

In this case Irving is not playing a different character, but that doesn’t make the commercial any less fun…


[youtube 5neePpuwpPY nolink]




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