I Listen To: Hudson Mohawke

I Listen To: Hudson Mohawke


For the first ‘I Listen To’ post of 2013 let us present to you Hudson Mohawke.

To be honest the music from this young electronic producer/DJ from Scotland makes me lose my sh*t…..
He is initiating a change. This year he has managed to bridge the gap, or probably better to say removed the boundaries between EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Hip-Hop. You’ll find it hard to place him in a genre, (Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap…etc) yet his appeal to all is unmatched, which is a sign he’s someone to take notice of.

What I like about him is that his music solely speaks for itself. He is quite a reserved character who doesn’t speak much in interviews, which is interesting in a day n age where so much of your popularity is based on your character and style.

At a young age he was winning DJ competitions and even his early production was at such a high level, sounding similar to the extremely talented producer Flying Lotus who arguably had the best album of 2012.


[youtube DOGhI2hnm0A nolink]


And from then he worked on more solo products, notably Satin Panthers EP in 2011, through Warp Records. This is when I first came across him because it transcended across into all the Hip Hop blogs.



[youtube DvKAr9qaI1I nolink]


But without a shadow of a doubt it wasn’t till 2012 that he hit his stride and started to literally shape the sound in the industry.

Forming the duo, TNGHT, with himself and Lunice, they created the most exciting and fresh project of 2012. This 5 track EP launched with the release of the insane track “Bugg’n”.


This song completely confused me, yet, at the same time intrigued me and the more I listened the more I got that child like excitement of finding something new and amazing with the word.


[youtube OiWp7_TSs38 nolink]


It could almost be seen as modern day Punk, it’s powerful music and it’s about the youth.
Every DJ and his dog were using

TNGHT tracks in their mix’s and producers were copying their production style and unique sound ( which they mentioned in the interview with Fader)

This didn’t go unnoticed by numerous big producers, Just Blaze, seemingly uncontrollably, sung ( or tweeted ) his praises but Mr Kanye West did a little more then that. He started by bringing in Hud Mo to help in the production of the G.O.O.D Music compilation album “Cruel Summer”, where he fully produced the track “Bliss” and assisted on the production on “To The World”, “The One” and the banger “Mercy”. Which for me is the torchbearer for the future sound in Hip-Hop.


[youtube 7Dqgr0wNyPo nolink]


Hud Mo had been talking to Kanye’s creative director Virgil Alboh a lot on Twitter and his relationship with Kanye developed further with Kanye making a guest appearance at a TNGHT show in New York.


[youtube SegH6P669ys nolink]


Then at Kanye’s cheap car mechanic outstanding and forward thinking Revel City performance, which for me was the first glance at the future of live concerts, he supplied the crazy remix of Kanyes songs “Cold As Ice” and “Cold/Theraflu” track to open the show with.


[youtube GEIspj5cYt4 nolink]


All this resulted in him signing to Kanye’s label G.O.O.D Music, or to be specific the imprint Very G.O.O.D. Beats, a few days ago, yet will still be with Wrap records.

I think this is a great move by G.O.O.D Music because it’s a good example of the need to adapt rather then fight change in order to remain relevant, and Hudson Mohawke is that change, forming the new sound of the youth.

I’m look forward to continue to lose my sh** in 2013.


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