I Listen to: "Rainy Milo"

I Listen to: "Rainy Milo"


It has been quite a while since we have last posted an ”I Listen to” post and that’s simply because no new artists has seemed to impress us ever since Joey BADA$$.

The latest wave of new musicians in both Denmark and globally has been lacking on a very important part of making music… Quality!
Therefore it’s quite a relief that we can present to you, Rainy Milo:



Even though Rainy Milo is only 16, the south-east London native has already shown that her potential goes way beyond the UK.
On her recently released EP Limey she has worked with international recognized producers as Oddisee and Ariel Pink and in my opinion the outcome is outstanding.



Her voice is amazing and very remarkable for a 16-year old, and even though her EP includes a re-make of Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel’s “Make Me Smile (Come up and see me)”, she’s still very unique in her sound, and I feel like she actually has a purpose with her music unlike most up and coming artists these days who are busy talking money, b*tches and partying.

Besides being a great artist, Rainy Milo is also a part of the Last Night In Paris crew, which is a collective of young and creative producers, designers, directors, photographers and artists.
According to UK sources they’re starting to

gain some attention, and with a girl like Rainy Milo on the team it’s very interesting to see what this rebellious youth collective will become.

For now watch their “How Your Living” videos, which are very insightful to youth culture.


[vimeo 35930416 nolink]

[vimeo 50691877 nolink]

To sum up on Rainy Milo, I must admit I’m impressed.

To be honest I never listen to this kind of music at all,

since I have (unlike most other people) always hated the wave of music that The Weeknd started about one and a half year ago, but in this case I must take a bow for the young lady.

I’m still a HipHop head, but on some occasions I will now listen to Rainy Milo.

Remember her name,


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