I listen to, XXYYXX

I listen to, XXYYXX



Ed’s Note: We would like welcome yet another new voice to the BANDIT blog.
Claude is a young student hailing from NYC, with a passionate opinions on music and culture. That should make him a perfect fit!
Hope that you enjoy his posts!

In his premiere edition, Claude shares an artist that we should all get to know a little more, XXYYXX.


I’ve been following this guy for some time now and I must say his music is exactly what he calls it “experimental bass.”

The kid’s name, yes “kid,” is Marcel Everett and he is a 17 years-old resident of Orlando, Florida.

The Florida producer is on the cutting edge of music combing the dim spectrums of chill wave, trap rap, dub step, and other genres.

The upcoming artist has had a lot to offer and has released numerous arts of work sampling archaic artists such as TLC and Amy Winehouse.

XXYYXX hits experimental on the dot, he has recently come out with the visuals for his most recognizable song so far “About You,” which features vivid images of recording equipment and beautiful women manipulating smoke.


[youtube lG5aSZBAuPs nolink]

The captivating visuals and the lyric less song is what left me at awe.

It really doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve heard before.

What I love about his music the most is the fact that his “experimental bass” is truly an art form. I hope that his come up in the hip hop, rnb, or whatever game his genre fits with, will have an effect on the mainstream, and that is making music what it really is

and that is an art form.

He is working his way up the ranks and has received recognition from JMSN, an artist who has been compared to the Weeknd and recognition from Usher.

With numerous projects such as XXYYXX, Still Sound, and Mystify and extensive touring, you should check him out!

Check out his tour dates and more of his music on:


Claude Easy Jr.

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