Re-Introduction to Beatnik

Re-Introduction to Beatnik


Once again, it’s time to share some interesting music from the UK.

Last time it was the young Rainy Milo, but in this post we’ll  re-introduce you to another collective out of Britain…

If you’re not familiar with the underground music scene in London, you might not have heard of the Beatnik and that’s definitely a shame.
To fill you in on them real quick, this is how the duo is described by youth music radio station “Reprezent”;

“Beatnik are the brother sister DJ Producer duo that consist of DJ NIKKI & STATIS.
DJ Nikki is one of the most prolific female Djs in the world, Kelis Tour DJ & has been responsible for some of the most influential club nights in London (57, Fashbashsoundclash).
Her brother STATIS, is the lab-tastic producer who is making records with artists in the UK & US and has made bespoke soundtracks for tv, film & fashion shows.
The Beatnik’s have been writing, producing and remixing for a whole host of artists and taking the Beatnik soundsystem out to live shows.”

Even though the names might not ring a bell, Beatnik is not an unknown name on the international music scene.

Especially DJ Nikki has a strong name and a great reputation of being one of the very best (if not the best) female DJ’s in the world.

Together the duo recently released their new single “Adidas Kicks” featuring some London’s dopest MC’s.

Once again I’ll let Reprezent Radio do the introduction;

“Adidas Kicks started out as an instrumental with STATIS chanting Adidas Kicks and turned into a major collaboration featuring 5 dope artists in London and 1 in LA, all of whom jumped on the track whilst recording with Beatnik and blessed a verse with trainer love.

The record has since turned into somewhat of an anthem for the shoe obsessed duo.

Beatnik love to bring the party, their production sound fusing all their DJ influences from early house to D&B, hip hop and 80’s and 90s sounds. 

Adidas Kicks is a fun record for DJ’s & dancefloors with a video that has brought together Beatnik’s love for London & LA’s best street art & style (Malarky, Mr Brainwash) with a group of truly creative artists.”

[youtube 8rWgjnUhKJk nolink]

If you enjoyed the video you should definitely check out some of their other work as well.
While STATIS mostly produces, DJ Nikki is the tour DJ for Kelis – they commonly provide the web with some amazing mixtapes, which can be heard via this website or next time you walk by the BANDIT HQ (their shows on Reprazent Radio are a must!)

Watch out for Beatnik in the future, you’ll hear from them again soon.


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