Linkoban, the story of a true artist

Linkoban, the story of a true artist


We first introduced you guys to Linkoban on our blog back in February telling you about an up and coming artist with great talent and a truly unique sound. Now she has been touring around Denmark, Sweden, UK and even China (where she performed illegally). Now it’s time to fill in the gaps, and give you an understanding of her development as a musician in the highly competitive music game.itcertworld

For you to completely understand why Linkoban, or Ling Ly as is her government name, is as unique as I’m claiming, you probably have to know a few details about her background…

She’s a part Chinese part Dane who originally comes from a suburb to Copenhagen called Ishøj, which has

a reputation of being quite a rough neighborhood. Now she’s living in what would be described as Copenhagen’s “red light district” better known as Vesterbro. It is where the main part of young creative and artistic people live, and an area that’s very attractive to the youth of Copenhagen. It’s known for it’s indescribable city “pulse”, an inspirational area that never sleeps, an area that’s perfect for a female grime rapper to live in.

When you first hear Linkoban rap, you might wonder where a part-Chinese girl from Ishøj and Vesterbro has her UK accent and steez from, but Linkoban lived in London for three years, a stay that inspired her to start doing music.

To begin with she recorded several tracks, but only for her own listening pleasure, it was not at all to be heard by anyone else, until she had a result that was good enough; a way of thinking I truly agree in.

These days we all have free access to the biggest audience in the world, the Internet, and a sh*t load of unnecessary artists can’t handle the temptation of exposing themselves online to achieve some sort of recognition or try to achieve fame… Fortunately the necessary ones can, and Linkoban is definitely one of those.

It’s not only her background, and where she has been, that makes her interesting; it’s also her exquisite urban taste.

You’ll never see her wear something, that your eyes and mind accepts right away, but eventually you’ll have to accept that it’s extremely cool. If it’s animal print buffalo shoes, blue leather shorts or a skeleton suit, you’ll never see it coming, but one thing is for sure, she is always wearing something you have never seen anybody else wear before, something very original.

And original she is, not only in her appearance, but with her music as well. Her lyrics spans very widely and features rhymes about everything from eating pomelos, to her love for the internet.

The extremely talented Yo Akim, who has worked with Lucy Love and Superbillion Records for years, creates all of her beats, which are, from time to time, performed live by the two young talents Jens Lindahl (as a DJ) and August Ottsen (on the drums). For her larger shows she brings the two dancers, John Nini and Taouben Tony Amzourou, with her as well, and if you’ve ever seen them dance you’ll agree that they’re definitely some characters too!


Two important people who follows Linkoban everywhere are Kettil Myrstrand and Lucy Love. They are the people in charge of Superbillion Records and the people who Linkoban first contacted, when she decided to become a serious artist. Kettil is the manager of the record label, while Lucy (who has a lot of functions) was the labels first artist.

Lucy has performed at big international venues, twice at the famous Roskilde Festival where Linkoban performed this summer, and she seems more then willing to help and share all her experience with Linkoban, who must still be considered as an up and comer. You might say that Lucy Love took Linkoban under her wings to begin with, but after seeing Linkoban’s performance at Roskilde Festival there can’t be any doubt that Linkoban has developed into a true individual artist herself, and could be on her way to becoming a main figure in the next wave of Danish super stars.

After releasing her first and biggest hit so far “Like This” 6 months ago, Linkoban knew from very early on, that she was going to perform at Roskilde Festival. Because of that, the Superbillion team strategically built up a plan to make sure she would have a solid fan base, as well as a series of good songs for a full show, before her performance at, what

is the highlight of her career so far. With only about 5 months to complete that it could have gone both ways. Building up a strong audience in short time can be a tough, since constantly releasing new songs might seem pointless and confusing to her potential fans, so while getting Linkoban out on the market they had to be careful not to overexpose her.

Did the plan work?


While playing several smaller concerts at different music events almost every single weekend up until the Festival, Linkoban made a very strong name of herself. She managed to make her fans hungry for more, and not releasing any other songs until about a week before her show at Roskilde, where she released the EP “Super Into On It”, only kept her fans’ hunger alive.

Every time she did a live performance she would perform 3-5 songs, but only “Like This” was a public released single, which gave her fans a good reason to show up every single time she played at a club or at a concert event.

Following that strategy seemed to work, because when she went on the Pavilion Junior stage at 20.30 on July 4th, the place was packed with Linkoban fans, who tried to catch up with her quick flow and rap along during the entire show.

At BANDIT we like to document interesting things. We enjoy good photography and nice visuals, so when we first came up with the idea of documenting Linkoban’s journey on Roskilde Festival, but we had to find a great photographer who had the skill to capture the right moments.

Fortunately we quickly agreed on the guy for the job, a good friend of ours, and a guy who has shot us several times.

Casper Lundemann a Danish LA-based photographer who has shot a lot of amazing pictures. From our experience he’s always ready to work on projects as long as they’re interesting, so when we first pitched our idea to him, he jumped at the oppertunity right away. He’s generally a very nice guy, and even though he had only met Linkoban a single time (in a none-sober condition), it didn’t take long for him to get along with her and the rest of her crew, which was quite important for the outcome.

When following a person on very close hand with a camera, I can’t even describe the importance of not being recognized as “a camera”. Casper Lundemann and I made sure the crew was as comfortable as possible with us at all times, to make sure we would get the most authentic outcome.

It worked.

By being around each other all the time (also when camera’s were off), we became a part of the crew, so every time we turned the camera’s back on no one seemed to notice, which resulted in that very authentic outcome we were aiming for, as well as access to everywhere the Superbillion’s were going… Even on stage during the show.

One thing is to shoot backstage and get yet another short documentary portraying an artists who’s excited and slightly nervous before getting on stage, but we wanted more.

We wanted to show you guys how hard an artist actually works before an important show like this, how many people are involved, how they prepare and of course what feelings rush through the system right after finishing something you’ve been passionately working towards for half a year.

With that said, let me here present to you a short documentary about Linkoban on Roskilde Festival.



[vimeo 49021901 nolink]

Thanks to,

Linkoban x Superbillion Records x Casper Lundemann



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