McDonalds, you HAVE to be kidding me!?

McDonalds, you HAVE to be kidding me!?

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This is not

ttp://” target=”_blank”>the first time that the American fast food giant, McDonalds, f*cks up when it comes to creating a new campaign, but it’s the first time they do it this badly!

From our point of view there’s nothing worse then internationally recognized brands trying to be ”cool” and “young” without having a single bit of knowledge about how the youth actually think, live, behave and act.
That’s basically why BANDIT was founded in the first place.
Several times we’ve presented the truth to some of the biggest brands in the

world, and you’d be surprised how poor their knowledge is on the subject!

Here are two widely known examples on how NOT to reach out to a young audience (I shouldn’t have to

explain what’s wrong);


[youtube qARhzewCjI4 nolink]

[youtube NocSYdteVxE nolink]

Now, compared to the two examples above, McDonalds has a way stronger brand name, a more solid fan base and a brand history of some clever campaigns, which is why they shouldn’t have to take this risk.
Even though the TVC I’ll introduce you to now is only a national one (but part of an international campaign, Ed.Note), McDonalds still looses a lot of credibility from a guy like me, when they go ahead and introduce their latest burger like this;


[youtube Vxnb_z3Aoa8 nolink]

Yes, McDonalds might argue that it has been chosen by “the nation” in their interactive campaign MyBurger, which nobody I’ve spoken to has ever heard of.

No, Rico probably doesn’t know any better since he’s very young and he heard Lil Wayne saying swag in that one song, and that was the bomb.

But, a brand like McDonalds should always have a certain filter that doesn’t allow shit ideas to actually come through.

And oh, one last thing…

Besides the fact that the McSwag burger has an extra extra amount of swag in it, how is it different from any other McD burger with its bacon and onions? Hm.

McDonalds… Get your sh!t together!


PS. We did a “KILL SWAG” campaign a little while ago, check it out and support by sharing.




  1. El Hombre

    I’ll have you know that is the best burger McDonalds ever had. So go suck on that, you oldfag. Time changes, move along with it.

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