Meet Steven Fernandez!

Meet Steven Fernandez!



So before yesterday i had no idea that Steven Fernandez existed. But as it happens i had a video emailed to me, i thought it was kinda funny and pretty stupid, but the kid in it intrigued me, so i decided to dig a little deeper.

But i’m getting ahead of myself, this is where it all started….


[youtube I3zblc1DUvs nolink]

So yes, he is a little weird and, yes he can be a little much, but there is some undeniable humor hidden in there. I mean, what 12 year old kid, after being thrown out of the Apple Store, reflects on it by stating, that apparently bands don’t make girls dance in public.

So i started taking a bit of a look

at the young Fernandez and it quickly became clear that this is a kid i need to keep an eye on.

First of all he is a skater, with a very bright future.


[youtube b8Nzv6Ljsn0 nolink]

He is already sponsored by amongst others DGK, Diamond Supply and Paul Rodriguez’s brand Primitive. It makes a lot of sense because besides

his obvious skating talent he is already an apparent interesting personality. His unique mix of apparent truthfullness, humor and straight up rowdyness is very interesting.. and all that at that 12!


[youtube JsVEVg1LuMU nolink]

Of course it’s pretty obvious why his nickname is Babyscumbag, but his hold no bars attitude to life is going to get him quite far, so don’t be surpriced if he is a big ass superstar in a few years. A more groomed and a maybe (maybe not) more well behaved version of himself. But a star non the less…


[youtube IXFaktR3ncc nolink]



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