Pacquiao vs. The World

Pacquiao vs. The World


Saturday night Manny

Pacquiao fought Juan Manuel Márquez for the 4th time and lost. If you are a boxing fan that means a lot to you, if you are not, you can “Kanye shug” at it…

The fight ended like this…


[youtube ZCHWBnKFO5Q nolink]

So yeah, that was a knockout, and that’s about it right? Sure he went down pretty hard, and he stayed

down for a good while. But that’s what happens when boxers get knocked out. So i should have nothing more to say… Well, in this case you are wrong. Because this being such a high progice match, and because both Pacquiao and Márquez have a huge international following, the internet went bananas.

Case in point:

Never underestimate the internet…


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