The 12 BANDIT Tracks of 2012

The 12 BANDIT Tracks of 2012


We have reached that time a year where you look back and reflect on what has passed.
2012 has been quite groundbreaking musically.itcertworld

We’ve been introduced to several new talented artists, and we have seen already established musicians turn into super stars.
Dubstep, Trap, Drum & Bass and other “electronically” genres has become mainstream, while listening to

the soft sounds of a guy like Frank Ocean is still more than commonly accepted.

With that said…

This list is strictly based on songs we’ve been blasting in the office.
It’s an expanded version of the “5 tunes for the weekend” posts, except that this time we have ranked them in an order we find suitable.
Take it or leave it, we think these songs are good for some reason, and maybe so do you.



#12 – Linkoban “Like This”;

We are starting off this list with an artist who has been quite influential for BANDIT in 2012.
During this years’ Roskilde Festival we worked with her and photographer, Casper Lundemann, on a behind the scenes documentary about her journey as a new artist.
Check out the short documentary here, and enjoy her major hit from early 2012 underneath.


[youtube qw-FcdYASIs nolink]

#11 – A$AP Rocky feat. Theophilus London ”Big Spender”;

ASAP Rocky has been killing everything and everyone this year, and with tracks like “Goldie” and “F*ckin’ Problem” he truly deserves a spot on our list.
We were on to ASAP pretty early on, and when he released this “in-studio” footage we were already sure that “Big Spender” was going to the poppin’ track that it turned out to be.


[youtube ZkAeootuf4w nolink]

#10 – KIDD ”Fetterlein”;

If you’re not Danish (or Armend) you probably don’t know Kidd.
Kidd is our former NY based intern’s favorite Danish artist, and he has been banging out hit songs for the party minded Danes for a few years now.
This song in particular has a lot of humor and a it even comes with a great video.
The name of the song is “Fetterlein”, which also happens to be the last name of a bankrupted Danish playboy (ex-tennis player), who has always been famous for living the fast life.
Kidd is now convinced that he is about to outdo Fetterlein, and we don’t doubt that!


[youtube TaamgA6lLbo nolink]

#9 – Rudimental feat. John Newman ”Feel the Love”;

“Feel the Love” is an amazing track that rounds up 2012 pretty well with it’s dubstep/drum & bass sound.
It has been featured in many of the mixtapes we’ve heard from our UK friends, and we’ve really enjoyed it.


[youtube oABEGc8Dus0 nolink]

#8 – Joey BADA$$ feat. Capital STEEZ “Survival Tactics”;

Even though he is still very young, Joey BADA$$ has already showed the world that he means business.
He has that unique throwback New York sound that you do not come across very often these days, and we are very excited to hear more from him in the future.


[youtube DDWAk8-leVA nolink]

#7 – French Montana feat. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne ”Pop That”;

Club bangers are sometimes so massive that they turn out to be good, which is exactly the case of French Montana’s “Pop That”.
This song always sets a good mood, it sends Emil into a cooking frenzy, and it makes the girls go low.


[youtube X98HX5nbsCI nolink]

#6 – Azealia Banks ”Esta Noche”;

Azealia Banks is not a completely new artist, but her breakthrough definitely came in 2012.
With tracks like “212” and “Nathan” she has proved that there are still a few ladies left to carry the flag in hiphop music.
In our opinion “Esta Noche” is the best song from her so far. (The 90’s sample is so on point, Edt. Note)


[youtube NTeSsV_2sLE nolink]

#5 – Juicy J feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz ”Bandz a Make Her Dance”;

Vashtie said it best, “band(it)s a make her dance”.
It’s another one for the club, and it even comes with a video game.
Yes, we realize that this track is ridiculous, but no, “we don’t give a shiiit”.


[youtube AI0gk2KJeho nolink]

#4 – Pusha T feat. Kanye West ”New God Flow”; 

An artist who has truly stepped his game up in 2012 is Pusha T.
His voice and lyrics on songs like “Mercy”, “Exodus 23:1″ and “Blocka” seems stronger and more meaningful then ever, and in our opinion he is the strongest character on G.O.O.D music’s “Cruel Summer” album.


[youtube GJcQ5j3q0S0 nolink]

#3 –Diplo feat. Nicky Da B ”Express Yourself”;

Diplo is another great artist who has seemed to step his game further up in 2012.
He has produced amazing songs like Usher’s “Climax” and even released one of this years very best tunes himself…
(He recently tweeted that he is very aware that he needs a new song and dance, we agree, Edt. Note)


[youtube eF1lU-CrQfc nolink]

#2 – Kendrick Lamar ”Swimming Pools”;

We don’t even know where to begin with Kendrick Lamar.
It has been a while since we’ve been this confident about a new artist and his album “good kid, m.a.a.d city” is definitely the best hiphop release of 2012.
At the office we’ve had several discussions on what song from his album that should go on the list, but since the rules apply to what has been “blasted out the stereo the most”, “Swimming Pools” made it over “Money Trees” in a very close run up even though it’s not necessarily the better song. (#YaBish, Edt. Note)


[youtube nLCqSMDEQsA nolink]

#1 – Frank Ocean ”Pyramids”;

In our (and many other people’s) opinion, “Channel Orange” was the best album release of 2012.
Not only has Frank Ocean developed his singing drastically this year, his productions are also getting better, and overall his music is

With the effort he has put into his career in 2012, Frank Ocean definitely “deserves to be number one on everybody’s list”.


[youtube s26qTrH2atA nolink]




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