The power of EA's FIFA13 is real!

The power of EA's FIFA13 is real!



The opportunity for top football players to interact with fans has taken a new and interesting turn recently.
Whilst we wait for Zlatan Ibrahimović’s response to an ingenious fan who acquired his french domain name, we had to share this;

Rio Ferdinand sat down with the crazy and eccentric FIFA playing Youtuber KISOLajudebt, to play a game of FIFA to celebrate reaching his 1,000,000 YouTube subscriber.

And with the current negative state of football at the moment, it is refreshing to see a top class football player participating in a video like this:


[youtube ekOV5aPeW-o nolink]

I’ve been following KISOLajudebt for a while and his videos are not only hilarious but also very true to the FIFA experience, which combined I feel explains his popularity.


This was a great move by Rio to be on this show.
For me it took Rio off the pedestal that so many footballers are placed on and made him seem ‘real’ or ‘human’.

The fact that he lost was almost humbling, and because he reacted the same way we all do to losing a game of FIFA made him instantly relatable which further made him seem like a ‘real person’ and not an untouchable-like figure we generally associate top footballers as.

The video honestly presented his personality through his natural reactions to playing a real game of FIFA with a stranger, which for me removed most of the negative associations we place on footballers from him. This probably did more for Rio as a brand then it would be the case if he starred in an airplane or Gillette commercial.

Ed’s note; Rio has proven to be commercially savvy with his 5 magazine and app, which has been consistently quite good for some time.


Personally I think these new YouTubers are some of the strongest tastemakers and therefore extremely influential.
So sponsorship marketing via these channels is an effective forms of marketing communication.
This is where you can reach your target market and embedded yourself within their experience.

Don’t have Drake in your FIFA advert, have KISOLajudebt.
(We broke down the Drake/Snoop/Lil’Wayne FIFA12+13 advertising debacle here and here)


For example, they had a few big names in the recent beats by Dre advert, but what

made the advert special to me was the small and unknown artists on the come up, that were featured, such a Trinidad James that made the advert relevant for me. It made me think of beats by dre as young, relevant and up-to-date with my


[youtube N6vTMVwMI8A nolink]

So well done Rio ( or your manager ), great move.



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