The Pyrex Vision Plot…

The Pyrex Vision Plot…


(Recently Kanye West’s Creative Director, Virgil Abloh launched his clothing line with a publicity tour of Europe.
BANDIT’s Charles breaks down the more controversial elements of the clothing line’s strategy)

On the topic of the whole Virgil Abloh/Pyrex Vision fiasco I personally think there is absolutely no problem.


Lots of people are whining about how Virgil Abloh’s recent Pyrex Vision items of clothing are printed on cheap material yet have got such high prices.

( If you are new to Pyrex Vision find out about it here )

The fact that the whole collection sold out within minutes, proves there are people who are willing to pay that price – so get over it.

If you are complaining about it, it’s because either, you’re just hating on someone making money, which the Hip-Hop community is famous for, or you’re just jealous that you can’t afford one.

If you honestly are angry purely at the fact that it is too over priced then simply don’t

buy one…. You don’t have to.

There are people who want to buy it…. Simple as.

Also, he is not promoting it as a fashion brand, he’s promoting it as a culture.
Hence the tag line ‘The Youth Always Win’, enlisting Kanye West and A$AP Rocky wear it and having it go viral on Tumblr and Instagram just intensifies the demand.

So  you are not paying for material and craftsman ship, you are paying to be part of that in-demand culture.

A brand gives you an identity, and so you are communicating your identity (or the culture you want to be situated) through the purchases you make. We have seen consumption become more a matter of cultural meaning and less a matter of utility.

For instance, in 1980, nearly all of an average S&P 500 companies’ value was based on its tangible assets; however, now, “tangible assets accounted for only 30 to 40 percent of a company’s value. About half of that intangible value—close to 30 percent of total business value—is attributed to brand. For many companies, then, brand is their single biggest


This proves that consumers are placing more and more value on the intangible, identity giving and cultural aspects of products, and so Virgil is providing just that, hence why it all sold out.

He’s moving with the times, so buy it if you want, if you don’t then stop whining.

Charles Oxley


When Charles isn’t giving us his undiluted opinion on modern culture, he co-runs the blog

Thanks to Emil for the heads up!

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