The World Is Going Inverse

The World Is Going Inverse

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This post is just a trend I’ve noticed and something I think we may see a lot more of.
It’s quite a good example of how the fashion industry influences the music industry and vice-versa.

I’ve seen the use of inverse style colouring being used a lot.

I first noticed in the Big Sean video for Mula.


[youtube fGLvLeY26q0 nolink]

Then I saw in the Stussy Been Trill video.


[youtube kdm1qNg_ilA nolink]

Then because of my near addiction to Tumblr I remembered the Alexander Wang, who recently

got made the creative director at Balenciaga which is unseen for his age, Spring 13 collection.

He presented the amazing glow in the dark collection, which caused a lot of hype.


[youtube dM6M5MX5Li0 nolink]

The colours are particularly similar to that of an inverse style, it’s more colourful in the dark. I’m pretty sure this had a far reaching influence.

So then I started to see more of it.

The HBA collection:


[youtube p886UkPaT30 nolink]


Ed’s Note:
Nike are going hard in this direction too with their ‘RayGun’ collection



More fashion brands are going in this direction.

Stone island knitwear


[youtube oBSRDQrQavg nolink]

No shock that music also quickly follows suit;  the Pusha T album

artwork was the inverse of the single artwork.




I think this is an interesting trend and one that will be cool to see where it goes.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see more glow in the dark clothing and inverse influenced colouring in advertising.



Charles O

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