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A few weeks ago we have worked on a document called “Three things about 100-101 young people every business should know in 2013″.642-617 dumps

Youth unemployment has been breaking records since 2008, with EU unemployment standing at 23.2% among young people this summer (while unemployment of all age groups stands at 10.9%). The new generations are the first generations that won’t do better than their parents.

As a consequence, the lives of young people are completely different from what they used to be. CompTIA 220-802 exam  The problems these consumers are facing today determine their lifestyle and affect their choices.

The most successful brands are the ones who have been able to maintain a sense of authenticity and develop sustainable, trustworthy and empathetic relationships with their consumers. Those brands understand their customers so well, that they are able to respond to their needs before the needs actually arise.

You can read the presentation here.




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