Traveling with Kobe and Messi

Traveling with Kobe and Messi



little while ago we posted a commercial for Foot Locker featuring NBA player Kyrie Irving, which we found quite amusing.

To start this week out in the right mood, we have another one for you today.

Ironically enough this TVC also features an NBA player, and this guy has definitely been used several times before…
He goes by the name of Kobe Bryant, and you might recognize him from one of the following commercials:


[youtube _MwwHJXLjg4 nolink]


[youtube NYGP3r98g80 nolink]


[youtube aDpp8x70hAI nolink]


Alongside him is the world’s greatest football player Lionel Messi, who is not an unfamiliar individual in commercials either.
Messi has worked with brands like Pepsi and Foot Locker and has featured in both very bad and very good commercials like these (hopefully you can tell the difference yourself):


[youtube oCgJyRsWjmw nolink]


[youtube 8vuRyPRq3QM nolink]


For the commercial I’m about to show you, the two living legends has teamed up with Turkish Airlines for a refreshingly different airline commercial.



[youtube ApPkdTNbcY8 nolink]


Claiming to be Europe’s best airline because you have celebrity passengers and ice cream on board might be a bit tacky, even though I must admit that I would consider it the best travel ever if I

could have ice cream with Kobe and Messi.
Now, you might think that Turkish airlines just picked Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant because they’re faces that everyone can recognize, and the answer is yes, but there’s more to it then that.

Bryant is probably the best example of a US sportsman who is a true global citizen. He speaks many languages (including Italian and French), lived in Italy during his youth, and is always on promotional tours in Europe and Asia.
Messi is not as much of a natural global citizen, because his football does all the talking. Commercially, adidas and EA’s FIFA franchise lean heavily on the little genius and his success.
Besides that they are both very relevant at the moment, since Kobe just entered the 30.000 point club last Wednesday while Lionel Messi broke Gerd Müller’s 40 year old record of scoring most goals in a calendar year in last night’s game against Betis.

Great timing and a good commercial from Turkish Airlines,


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